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what you can expect... 1st wks... 1st couple mo... yr

Posted by april on January 21, 2011 at 1:38 PM

What you can expect….


The first couple of weeks:

Your child may have anxiety from being in a new place and without you. It is common for a child to cry or throw fits when you leave. The best solution for this is to drop him/her off and leave. If you feel you need to “hang out for a bit” then it works best to do it out of sight. In my experience at the preschool, children calm down a lot faster once they have the realization that their parents are gone and they have to make the best of their day.

The first couple weeks are time to get use to the new situation, location and each other. We will learn about rules and each other. I will try and assess each child to develop and better curriculum for each child. I do not know which age(s) of children that I will be watching at this time so it is will take a couple weeks to tweak lesson plans/learning times to meet the needs of the children in my care.

I am using the supplies that already currently have for my daughter’s class/playroom. I have other material from when she was younger and some from when I taught school at our other home.


In a couple of months:

Your child should be used to coming now and anxiety should be limited or non-existent.

I will have had time to order new table(s) and chair and upgrade supplies. I will have better and more items for our room. I will have been able to purchase items that I do not have but need. A second fence will be added in the backyard as a secondary precaution. All the outside toys and swing set will have been moved from our other home to this one.

The regular schedule and daily activities should be “flowing” and everything running smoothly.


In about a year:

The facility will have had a “makeover”. .. New and upgraded everything… Bulk supplies and smooth sailing!


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