By God's Grace Daycare w/ Dayschool

Home Daycare with preschool atmosphere

About "By God's Grace" Daycare

This is a home daycare with all the benefits of a preschool. Although this is a home daycare, I am in the habit of using school terms and may refer to your child as "student" and such in the following explaining of our day.

 The will start with "getting started time". From your child's arrival time until 8am will be time to get ready for the day. In the morning students will their folder and box (provided) and place it on their name at their assigned seat. Each child will remove his or her own backpack/bag and jacket and place it on the hook by his/her name. I find that this promotes independence, stability and name recognition. By 8a circle time will begin. This will consist of choosing the student of the day; who will then be the line leader, helper and pointer. Circle time will consist of reviewing letters, numbers, shapes, colors, concepts, names, prayers weather, date and time. It will also be an opportunity to "get our wiggles out" through movement and music. We will take hands and say a prayer together. Each week will have a theme or topic that we will learn about throughout the week.

I take roll every day and keep records but I also require that you sign your child in every day, as a secondary record, and list the best phone number for you to be contacted that day.

 I like to do stations. It gives me the opportunity to work one on one with a few students, as they cut and do their other work. This will also allow me to better customize paperwork or projects for each child, because I will most likely have a mixed age group. I rotate them around the room until every child has been at every station and all have visited me. I am currently looking for an old computer to set up learning games on as one of the stations. Other stations will incorporate the other learning areas. Some examples would be puzzles, books, play dough, dramatic play, science materials, etc.

Each day I try and cover learning in each of the following areas:

Music, Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, Dramatic Play, Art, Manipulatives, Bible Lesson, Outside Play, Free Play, Gross-Motor, Fine-Motor, Computer

If we are doing something special, like show and tell; I will send a note home and/or it on the calendar. I will try and keep the online calendar updated so that you will have access to it any time.

When the weather permits, we will go outside and play. I have several battery operated vehicles, a nice wood swing set and lots of other outside toys for our fenced in back yard. When it is too cold or wet to play outside, I have an indoor slide and gross motor games/toys will be provided for indoor play time.

Everyday a theme related book and bible will be read. Each child is responsible for picking up/cleaning up every day.

I will be providing one-two snack(s) and one-two meal(s) per day, depending on the hours that you come. See resource link for more information about food.

After lunch each child will help clean up, get his/her mat, blanket and/or pillow for rest/nap time. At this time children will lay still to classical (my fav!) or soothing music. Rest time is until 3pm. If children wake before 3, then an educational television program or disney movie will be played so they remain still while other children sleep. You can find more out about tv channels/shows, as well as items that you need to bring in the resource link.

After3 I offer an after school program for school aged children (perhaps siblings). See resources link to learn more about it. From 3p-5p is free play, outside play and supper preporation time. School aged children are required to start homework or studying by 5p and I will assist them with their work if needed.

Around 6 is clean up time; then supper. Followed by tv/game time and bath time for my family. 'At 8pm I will read a bible story and it's bed. Older kids may stay up and read or study until 9pm and then must go to sleep.

As a previous 911 dispatcher, I understand the difficulty of finding child care or 2nd and 3rd shifts. That is why am offering  these times.

Please see the resource link for more information on hours of operation, rates and communication.