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Posted by april on August 4, 2011 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

FAQ: I cant fnd the rates with easy on your site. Can you tell me what they are?

--- Sure! It's $50/day for 1st shift care and $64/day for 2nd and 3rd shift care. I provide 2 snacks, 2 meals (for some occasions), school supplies, lessons and special occasion gifts and events. Your children with get superb spiritual and educational care here and you will be able to notice an improvement in skills soon.

Open house/Orientation rescheduled for JANUARY 29th

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Once you register, I will be having an open house/orientation meeting on Sat Jan 29th. If you are unable to attend then I will email you a video tour and oriention after you register and pay first month tuition.


I feel it is very important that you know where your child is "roaming" and where he/she will be during the day.


You will get a tour of the location and be able to ask me any questions that you havent asked yet, as well as get your handbook. 


Email, call or text me for more information or to set up a different day. Or explore the possiblities of you and your child attending just to see if this is a place that you would like to send your child.

our phone

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The phone was suppose to be installed Jan 19th. It was a "no show" kind of install. It is the 21st and the number that was assigned is ringing.... but not to my phone!


I am going to buy another phone today and then contact ATT if it still isnt working.


The number is 931- 381 -9132


If you need me by phone before I get it working, my personal cell is 931-308-6201.

My cell phone turns the volume off automatically, so if you call it then I may have to call you back or text you back. Feel free to text if you are a "texter," I dont mind text.

what you can expect... 1st wks... 1st couple mo... yr

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What you can expect….


The first couple of weeks:

Your child may have anxiety from being in a new place and without you. It is common for a child to cry or throw fits when you leave. The best solution for this is to drop him/her off and leave. If you feel you need to “hang out for a bit” then it works best to do it out of sight. In my experience at the preschool, children calm down a lot faster once they have the realization that their parents are gone and they have to make the best of their day.

The first couple weeks are time to get use to the new situation, location and each other. We will learn about rules and each other. I will try and assess each child to develop and better curriculum for each child. I do not know which age(s) of children that I will be watching at this time so it is will take a couple weeks to tweak lesson plans/learning times to meet the needs of the children in my care.

I am using the supplies that already currently have for my daughter’s class/playroom. I have other material from when she was younger and some from when I taught school at our other home.


In a couple of months:

Your child should be used to coming now and anxiety should be limited or non-existent.

I will have had time to order new table(s) and chair and upgrade supplies. I will have better and more items for our room. I will have been able to purchase items that I do not have but need. A second fence will be added in the backyard as a secondary precaution. All the outside toys and swing set will have been moved from our other home to this one.

The regular schedule and daily activities should be “flowing” and everything running smoothly.


In about a year:

The facility will have had a “makeover”. .. New and upgraded everything… Bulk supplies and smooth sailing!



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I've got a facebook page too. IF you have seen the site... go ahead and add the page on facebook too. Like us:


I would appreciate the support even if you decide not to send your children here. Thanks!


Resources Links

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It has been brought to my attention that some, if not all, of the links in resourceds area are not working. If you copy and paste the url that is under the title and then delete the extra http then it should pull it up in a new window. I will try and fix this problem until then you can copy and paste the url or mail me.


Here are a couple direct links until I can fix them all:




Hours of Operation:


Learning Time:


Feeding Your Baby 4-12mo:


Registration and Emergency Release Forms:




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OPENING DATE HAS CHANGED TO JAN 31 due to my family being sick!!


I wanted to give time for the illness to run it's course and be able to sanitize my house before children come. 

Supply List

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I ask that your child brings a backpack or bag each day. There will be an assigned location to place the bag. Please write his/her name on all belongings.


The list of the items that your child needs to bring daily in his/her backpack is as follows:


• diaper/pull ups and wipes


• a change of clothes, including socks


• nap mat, small cover and/or pillow. You can bring these daily or leave them here.


• If on bottle or baby food: provide formula, bottle and/or jars of baby food.


• Folder (I supply folder)

After School Bus

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The bus that goes by my house is 00-205. I will not pick your children up at school but they can ride the bus to my home for after school care.

January Tuition

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Will start taking children on January 15th. January rates will be half price, due to it not being a full month.