By God's Grace Daycare w/ Dayschool

Home Daycare with preschool atmosphere

Ms. April

Hi! Im Ms. April. I will be the person watching your special gift from God!



A little bit about me:

I am a 28 year old married, mother of one. I chose to watch children at home so that I could be home with my daughter. I was tired of not being able to find decent home child care for my daughter or couldnt find the hours that I needed because I worked in an emergency field.  As a parent I have sent my to really good preschools and not so good preschools; I have experienced sending my child to a home daycare with a great person and had the unpleasant experience of finding that she was staying with a horrible person. I understand the chance parents take when chosing childcare for their child and I hope this site will give you some insight on what I have to offer as well as the reassurance that your child will be in good hands. You will not be any of that sneaky, sneaky off the books, cash only business here!

I am new to the area and left a job as a 911 dispatcher when we moved. I started working in the emergency field in 2004. At that  job I multitasked to answer all emergency and non-emergeny lines. If someone had an emergency then I provided the pre-arrival medical advice while dispatching the police, fire and ems to the scene (consolidated center).

Therefore you can feel confident that you child will be safe with me. I am calm and quick thinking in emergencies, plus I know that what to do! I am CPR certified for BLS providers, have my EMD and training in first aid and emerrgency care. I have a clean background record!  You cant work in law enforcement with a record ;)

I went to college for political science/pre-law. I minored in criminal justice and psycology. While the children are napping, I will either be preparing lesson plans for the following weeks or doing classwork of my own. I plan on going back to MTSU and getting my graduate degree.

While working at 911, I also had a second job (and a third sometimes). I ran a preschool for years. I was the director of a preschool and then returned part time as the lead teacher before leaving when I got married and  then pregnant. 

I adored my students! I loved each one of them and I loved teaching.

When I was pregnant, it "hit me" one day that I knew everything about 1-5 year old development but did not know about birth-12 months. So I began to study and read everything that I got my hands on! My husband printed off information from and that became a favorite source (so I have provided the link to it for you). I have had my daughter on a schedule and did regular learning activities with her since she was born.

I met my husband while working one of my 3rd jobs. I was the asst cheerleading coach at the high shool and he was the head coach of the soccer team. He assisted me at the preschool for special events and is amazing with kids. He currently works 60+ hours in a management job and doesnt have a regular schedule. When he is home, he may assist me in the classroom or teach your kids how to play sports. His degree is in health and human performance (athletic training).

I am a christian and a denominational mutt. I consider myself pentecostal. However for the last few years (before we moved), my family and I have attended an amazing Methodist church that I came to love dearly! My husband is a member of Winchester FUMC. I grew up in a church of Christ. My father is church of Christ and my mother was pentecostal. My step mother is episcopalian. In college I went to a Baptist church and even stepped in as the youth director, while they were searching for a new one. After college I was church hunting, when I was lead to the Church of God and there I remained until married. I believe in the pentecostal beliefs more than others. I love learning in general and one area that I have concentrated on is religion. There will be daily christian teachings at my house. However I have open doors to any religion that would like their children to come here.

Each day I try and cover learning in each of the following areas:

Music, Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, Dramatic Play, Art, Manipulatives, Bible Lesson, Outside Play, Free Play, Gross-Motor, Fine-Motor, Computer.

I'm sure that I've let something out... but this is getting long  enough.

Look forward to hearing from you!